• Disabled Persons

Contents:– Each Family is Unique, Definitions and Concepts, What We Know and Do Not Know, Experiencing Discrimination, Experiencing Discrimination, Experience of Families, Implications for Policy and Practice, Support in the Life Cycle, Conclusions, Basic Legal Concepts, Factors Causing Disabilities, Prejudices and Discrimination Against Disabled Persons: Areas, Form and Scope, National and International Policies and Measures Designed to Eradicate Discriminatory Practices and Guarantee the Disabled the Full Enjoyment of Human Rights, Public Information and Education, Objectives, Background and Concepts, Current Situation, Proposals for the Implementation of the World Programme of Action Concerning Disabled Persons, The Nature and Extent of the Legislation Pertaining to Special Needs Education, Responsibility and Organisation, Identification: Assessment and Orientation, Age Range Covered by the Legislation, Integration, Curriculum Entitlement, Post 16 Years—Vocational Education, Parents, Summary and Conclusions.

Reprinted - 2021

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Disabled Persons

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