• Empowering Women Through Microfinance

Contents:– Role of Microfinance in Fostering Adaptation to Climate Change; Microfinance—Tool to Socio-Economic Development of Rural Women; Microfinance Assurance in Financial Inclusion; Microfinance Practices in India; Microfinancing for Rural Entrepreneurs; Microfinance: A Key Tools for Poverty Alleviation; Microfinance—A Powerful Tool for Social Transformation; Role of Microfinance in Rural Development; Institute of Entrepreneurship Development; Sustainable Microfinance—Crucial for Empowerment of Women; Rural Entrepreneurship Development; Role of Microfinance in Rural Development; Women Entrepreneurship in India; Microfinancial Institutions in India

Edition - 2012

Type - Hardbbound

Pages - 180

Empowering Women Through Microfinance

  • Author: S.K. Chaudhury
  • ISBN Number: 978 93 5056 058 7
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