• Role of Media on Sex Education
Impact of media use on sex education in adolescent and youth in different cultures”. This book is very important for adolescent, youth and their parents. The book is emphasizing on impact of media on sex education, which is a current topic. Nowadays print and electronic media has been dominating in India and all over world due to globalization, communication can be done in world through on line. Parents and teacher should see that their children should not misuse the internet or television. It is advisable that children should keeping strict guidance when they are involved in T.V. channels and internet. My own views are that adolescent is a sensitive age and children can be spoiled. The role of teacher and parents are to give a right direction to the children. This book serve as a guide for students, teachers, parents and society.
Edition - 2011
Type - Hardbound
Pages - 136

Role of Media on Sex Education

  • Author: Neelma Kunwar
  • ISBN Number: 9788183567237
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