• Tribal Dances of India

In recent years, there has been a world wide concern about preserving traditional art, folklore, folk music, dance forms, handicrafts & so on. These rich traditions are vanishing day by day, due to rapid changes that are taking place In these societies. Tribal dance forms are no exception to this rule. Efforts are made to preserve & promote these traditions by documenting them, using various techniques.
Social Scientists, including Anthropologists in India, have made passing references of tribal dances in various Monographs & books, however there is not a single book on tribal dances of India. Hence, this humble beginning has been made by publishing this book.
This piece of work will certainly be useful to students & research scholars of Anthropology, Sociology, Museology, Rural & Tribal Studies, Choreography, Art & culture , Music & Dance, Professional Film Makers, and definitely to the Departments of Tribal Development, Social Welfare, Human Resource Development, including Cultural Ministries. Besides this, it will also develop Interest among NGO’s & general readers as well.

Edition - 1999

Type - Hardbound

Pages - 436

Tribal Dances of India

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