• Motivational Analysis in Music and Dance

Dr. Laavanya analyses with remarkable clarity and precision the seminal psychological concepts of Motivation and Excellence from the perspective of the musicians and dancers who have scaled to the zenith of their professional careers and achieved a degree of excellence. This study of motivational factors adopting the psychological tools of methodological research adds a new dimension in this specialised branch of psychological studies.
Motivation is one of the competency ability which every individual should possess if they aim for excellence in their profession. In the present study, an attempt has been made to analyse the basis of achieving professional excellence with special reference to lives and career of professionalists drawn in the fields of classical carnatic music and dance represented by a galaxy of most renowned musicians and dancers whose fame is universally acclaimed, This study makes a depth analysis of the psychological aspects of the motivating factors contributing to success and excellence in the above profession. The methodology adopted is based on qualitative approach, the influence of family, environment and individual’s motivation in achieving and sustaining excellence. Further, it also focuses on identifying those factors which hinder or obstruct these movements towards growth and excellence.

Edition -2005

Type - Hardbound

Pages - 126

Motivational Analysis in Music and Dance

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