• Broadcasting Journalism

Contents:– Broadcasting Journalism: An Introduction, Major Aspects of Broadcasting, Radio, Television, News Broadcasting, News Style, The Basic of News, Broadcasting in India, The Broadcasting Industry, Broadcast Communications in India, The World of Spoken Word, Useful Guidelines for News Writing, Writing A News Story, The Structure of Bulletins, Preparing A Bulletin, Types of Bulletin, The Shape of Special Bulletins and Hourly Bulletins, The Value of Headlines, External Bulletin Services, The Concept of Local News, The Art of Drafting, Newsreels and Voiced Dispatched, News Interaction, Mistakes in Broadcasts and the Suggested Corrections, The Sports News, How TV News Differs, News Credibility.

Edition - 2020

Type - Hardbound

Pages - 272

Broadcasting Journalism

  • Author: Ajay Dash
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