• Biochemistry and Therapeutic Uses of Medicinal Plants

Biochemistry and Therapeutic Uses of Medicinal Plants” focus on the latest developments in biomedical research with special emphasis on natural products. Covering a wide variety of topics, this book is a valuable source of information for all those interested in the biochemical and therapeutical use of herbal medicines.  For us it was a daunting task and a challenge to condense, organize and present all available information in the field, especially at the time when there is an explosion of progress, since advancement of technology has taken place. There is a paradox in the growth of scientific knowledge. As information accumulates in ever more intimidating quantities, disconnected facts and impenetrable mysteries give way to rational explanations and simplicity emerges from chaos. Gradually the essential principles of a subject come into focus. With rapid advancements and development of new techniques of analysis at the biochemical and molecular level many new compounds are being identified, isolated and characterized and are being explored for their medicinal value.

Edition:– 2017

Type:– Hardbound

Pages:– 372

Biochemistry and Therapeutic Uses of Medicinal Plants

  • Author: Abbas Ali Mahdi
  • ISBN Number: 9789350568668
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