• Encyclopedia of Agriculture (5 Vols. Set)

The breakthrough in science that permitted genes to be identified and manipulated as molecular ushered in the agricultural technology era, which is now more than a decade old. The new tools of agricultural technology are changing the way scientists can address problems in the life sciences; agriculture is one area facing major changes as a result of this new technology. The unanticipated rapid ratio at which discoveries and their applications in technology have unfolded has stored the capacity of society – more specifically, our agricultural research and educational institutions to absorb and adjust to change. We are challenged by pressing decisions opportunities, and problems that we face now and will continue to face in the future. Competition from abroad impels us to devise and use new technologies that can improve the efficiency and quality of agricultural production. These concerns led to this study – an overview of how the agricultural research system is responding to the latest technology and how it might prepare for future opportunities. Agricultural technology is moving in many directions with positive results – crop improvement, production of transgenic plants, vaccine development and diagnostic methods are some impending applications – but the development of genetic engineering’s tools can be found in almost every agricultural discipline. The exception is that, through lessions learned, adequate food will be made available to the whole world in the future. The present title “Encyclopedia of Agriculture” has been planned, written, and edited with the intention of being useful for the beginners, researchers and scientists involved in the field of agricultural genetic transformation.

Edition - 2014

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Encyclopedia of Agriculture (5 Vols. Set)

  • Author: Renuka Sharma
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