• Cropping and Farming Systems

The comprehensive text book Cropping and Farming Systems supplies and written with related and useful information which could give benefit to farmers and students perusing this field. The book covers information related to integrated farming and cropping systems. The book is primarily written to serve as a text book/reference for the students of agriculture in undergraduate and postgraduate levels and technologists in developing organisations. It is hoped that this book will be valuable for similar groups in the third world countries of Asia and Africa. It serves as a valuable reference for the candidates preparing Agricultural Research Services and other competitive examinations. The farmers may refer this book to practice integrated farming and cropping systems as the considerable emphasis is placed for obtaining maximum, profitable production per unit area per unit time.

Edition - 2014

Type - Hardbound

Pages - 292

Cropping and Farming Systems

  • Author: Renuka Sharma
  • ISBN Number: 9789350563717
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