• Agricultural Engineering

Contents:– Improving Food Quality; Improved Nutritional Quality; Modifying Saccharides; Improving Seed Proteins; Flavours and Fragrances from Plants; Fine Chemicals from Plants; Genetic Engineering and Lignification; Increasing Tolerance Against Viral Pathogens; Increasing Tolerance Against Microbial Pathogens; Increasing Tolerance Against Insect Pests; Improving Medicinal Plants; Improving the Synthesis of Phytochemicals; Improving Oil Seed Plants; Improving White Rust Resistance; Improving Tropical Fruit Trees; Biopolymer Production in Plants; Genetically Modified Crops; Improving Low Temperature Tolerance in Plants; Protein Extraction

Edition - 2018

Type - Hardbound

Pages - 360

Agricultural Engineering

  • Author: Renuka Sharma
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