• Studies and Essays in English Literature

Contents:– The Evolution of Keats’s Mind, Keats’s “Prelude,” A Study of the Poems of Keats up to Endymion, Keats’s Style as Exemplified in The Eve of St. Agnes, The Hymn to Intellectual Beauty, Shelley’s Transcendentalism, Shelley’s Idealism, The Images in Shelley’s Hellas, The Blending of Prose, Blank Verse and Rhymed Verse in Remeo and Juliet, Measure for Measure As A Clue to Shakespeare’s Attitude Towards Puritanism, Chaucer’s Art of Portraiture, Astrophel and Stella, Three of Shakespeare’s Sonnets (50, 60, 61), A Parallel Between Ben Jonson and Shakespeare, Addison’s Humour: Its Matter and its Form, Swift’s Poetry, Wordsworth’s “Imagination”, The House of Life, The Character of John Inglesant.

Edition -2006

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Pages - 314

Studies and Essays in English Literature

  • Author: S.J.M. Suddard
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